Here you'll find all the fanlistings I've joined. These show all the subjects available that I like, love or adore :3

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 Alice: Madness returns:   Bayonetta:   Blaze Blue : Vermillion, Noel:   Dark Stalkers : Morrigan Aensland:   Disgaea : Plenair:   Guilty Gear : Bridget:   King of Fighters (series):   Kingdom Hearts : Roxas:   Kingdom Hearts : Sora:   KOF : K':   Nitro+CHiRAL:   No more heroes:   Persona 3 : Aigis:   Pokémon : Eevee:   Pokémon : Leafeon:   Pokémon : Lucario:   Pokémon : N:   Pump it up!:   Starry Sky : Kanata Nanami:  

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