In this section you will find most of those fanlisting owning them will make the rest of my days happy. If you happen to own one of those and are looking for a new owner please email me, I will be greatful forever <3. Number of rejections are in parenthesis.

Series » Air Gear. (1)
Series » Deadman Wonderland. (1)
Series » Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.
Characters » Moriyama Shiemi (AonE). (1)
Characters » Okumura Rin (AonE).
Characters » Ryoumo Shimei (Ikkitousen!).
Characters » Hibari Kyouya (KHR!).
Characters » Mukuro Rokudo (KHR!).(1)
Characters » Sawada Tsunayoshi (KHR!). (2)
Characters » Roxas (Kingdom Hearts).
Characters » K' (KOF).
Characters » Nico Robin (One Piece).
Mangakas/Designers » OH! GREAT (Ogure Ito).
Relationships » Orihime x Ulquiorra (BLEACH).
Relationships » K' x Kula D. (KOF).
Relationships » Miharu x Yoite (Nabari no Ou).
Songs » BACK ON - Chain (Air Gear OP).

Granted Wishes

Here are those fanlistings that were once on my wishlist and now are with me <3 Some of them may be co-owned. by Sumie 2012+. Otome Yokai Zakuro is property of Lily Hoshino with no copyright infregment intended.